About Us

About Sun Valley Science

In 2013, we opened the doors to our first Sun Valley Certification Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. We now have seven locations and serve Arizona, California, Nevada and Florida. Over the course of helping over 75,000 patients for medical card certifications, we learned of our patients’ overwhelming need to be directed to quality CBD products. This led us to identify the best-in-class sources and formulations and inspired us to provide a product that ensures quality and consistency.

Sun Valley Science was born from the needs of our patients. Knowing that they, along with our friends and family, are using these products, we go beyond the industry standard to assure safety and quality. We only source hemp material that has been certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as organic and non-gmo industrial hemp. We take it a step further and send our products to C4 Labs, an independent laboratory, to batch test in triplicate ensuring our standards have been met. Furthermore, we believe in full ingredient transparency and we make the test results available to our customers.

We appreciate your trust in us and hope you enjoy our products and services. We urge you to contact us with any questions or concerns.