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Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Sun Valley Science is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest American-made industrial hemp products on the market. We provide our customers with triplicate independent lab testing results for every batch of our products – this total transparency proves to our customers that our products are safe, effective, and of the highest quality.

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The CBD tincture from Sun Valley Science has completely changed my life for the better. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 15 years old, and have also battled with anxiety for a long time. The first time I purchased the 1000mg bottle I was feeling my usual abdominal side pain from my endometriosis, and was also feeling very anxious. Within 10 mins of taking the cbd under my tongue I felt instant relief of my side pain and my anxiety was gone. I can’t say enough good things about this product, I have already bought my aunt and my mother their own bottles! I will never stop buying this tincture, it’s a complete game changer!

Jess A. Phoenix, AZ

Thanks to Sun Valley Science, I have finally found help for my arthritis and hand pain. I have had osteoarthritis for 5 years and the pain has been getting progressively worse. I was taking high doses of ibuprofen, but it was upsetting my stomach and causing nausea. The CBD lotion is a wonderful natural product which works so well that I don’t need the ibuprofen anymore. Thanks Sun Valley Science for the help!

Joyce R Dallas, texas

I’ve used a bunch of different tinctures from dispensaries, but the tincture you guys sell works the best for me! It has a very nice vanilla taste versus a lot of other product I’ve tried that is kind of earthy. It’s kind of hard to explain but i can just feel the difference taking it; it seems like it kicks in quicker for my shoulder inflammation and the nice calming feeling that keeps my anxiety in check seems to come quicker and stay longer, when it does pop up. It’s fantastic stuff! I’m thankful to have something to take during the workday to help with my shoulder that brings relief, but not inebriation.

Joseph L. Phoenix, AZ

I’ve had problems sleeping in the past. I’ve tried all the usual over the counter products with various results. What I hate about these products is the “hangover” I feel for hours after I wake up. One product lasted 18 hours until I felt normal again. Thank goodness my son suggested I try Sun Valley PM. I finally have found a product I can take that helps me relax so I can get to sleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling myself and not a zombie! Thank you for your fabulous products!
Sincerely, Caren

Caren W. Phoenix, AZ
Andrea and Dustin Klein

Andrea and Dustin Klein

Founders, Sun Valley Science

Andrea and Dustin Klein are the founders of Sun Valley Science and Sun Valley Certification Clinics. Having served over 70,000 patients through Sun Valley Certification Clinics, Andrea and Dustin listened to their community and realized the need for quality, transparency and affordability in the hemp extract industry. They founded Sun Valley Science to answer that need.

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What's in Your Bottle?

o At Sun Valley Science we believe in full ingredient transparency. We only source hemp material that has been certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as organic and non-gmo industrial hemp. We take it a step further and send our products to C4 Labs, an independent laboratory, to batch test in triplicate ensuring our standards have been met.

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